The Baobab Tree

These are some interesting facts and cultural beliefs about the majestic Baobab tree:

Cultural beliefs

  • It is believed that people who drink the water where baobab seeds have been soaked in will be protected from crocodile attacks.
  • If young boys are bathed in water where the bark from a baobab tree trunk was soaked in, they will grow up to become strong and healthy men.
  • In certain cultural beliefs, deceased relatives are buried at the base of baobab trees, where it is believed that the trees become imbued with their souls.

Food for thought

The baobab tree is also referred to as the ‘tree of life’ for various reasons.

  • The powder that is extracted from the fruit of the Baobab tree is used to create a refreshing drink similar to lemonade.
  • The pulp of a baobab seed pod consists of six times more vitamin C than an orange, 50 percent more calcium than spinach, and enough flavour to keep any simple dish from tasting bland.
  • The Baobab fruit tastes similar to that of a pear but more acidic because of the high Vitamin C content.
  • Fresh baobab leaves provide an edible vegetable similar to spinach which can also be used for various medicinal purposes including the treatment of kidney and bladder disease, asthma, insect bites, and several other disorders.
  • The Baobab fruit is a traditional snack for children on their way home from school as well as a healthy dietary supplement for pregnant women.

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