Neem Tropical Trees

Neem is a tropical evergreen tree native to the Indian sub-continent. This tree has a history of growing up to 50 ft. high and has been used for many different purposes for more than 4500 years. The earliest documentation revealed usage of various parts of Neem tree like fruit, leaves, seed oil, roots and bark for their benefits to animals and human beings due to its medicinal properties. Its leaves and extract are well documented as medicine for skin diseases and as the best available tonic for the skin and external subcutaneous tissues. It is popularly known in India as village Dispensary (Medical Clinic). In the first millennium BC it was considered to be the remedy for all sorts of diseases in living beings. As scientists searched in dangerous rainforests and inaccessible areas of the world looking for useful plants, this tree was growing in front yards of houses and colleges, in every town, city and village of south Asia and Africa. It was just the familiarity that left this plants’ miracles/importance hidden until a few scientists took a closer look at this ancient tree. After some observation, they found it extremely important in day to day life for curing all types of illnesses in humans and animals. Since then, Neem tree came to the attention of researchers around the world in order to explore its properties and usage in different areas of interest.

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